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Ecommerce Websites

Sell more online, streamline business processes and increase profits with a well-designed, bespoke ecommerce site.

Imagine a shop that’s open 24/7 across the country, the continent or even the globe. That’s your ecommerce site. And whether you’re a small shop with just a few select products or a huge store with thousands of items on sale, this can work wonders for your business. But you’ve got to be competitive, which means you need the best possible website that you can get to ensure that people choose you over your competitors. So it’s got to make a visual impact, be a high quality, reliable build, and it’s got to provide excellent user experience. All of this helps to attract customers and cut rates of abandoned carts.

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Custom Built Ecommerce Sites

Want an ecommerce site that stands out from the crowd? With our custom-built sites, you can be sure there won’t be anything else like it out there.

When it comes to web design, we don’t use prebuilt templates. We believe in designing, coding and building 100% from scratch, because that’s the only way that you get a final product that genuinely meets all of your requirements. The ecommerce website we design for you will have taken everything from your brand, your business objectives and your market into consideration. And, because it’s a bespoke build, we can satisfy any unique requirements - from custom features or functions to automating manual business processes - that standard turnkey solutions just can’t.

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Responsive Design

Positive user experience is crucial to making a sale. So make sure your ecommerce site is accessible to all - make sure it’s responsive.

With myriad phones, tablets, laptops and desktops now being used for surfing the web and making purchases, responsive web design is an absolutely essential requirement for any modern-day website. Why? Because it enables your site to be easily accessed and automatically viewed with maximum impact on a diverse range of screen sizes, which means you’re opening your online shop up to a larger audience. In addition, responsive design is key to creating the positive user experience that is so crucial to making a sale. So it helps you to get competitive.

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Say hello to the world’s most popular and most flexible ecommerce platform. It’s what makes your ecommerce site scalable, flexible and adaptive.

Magento enables us to create unique ecommerce builds that meets all of your requirements - and more. It has a catalogue of thousands of modules, integrations and extensions, so it’s often simple to add any features you require. If there’s a unique function that you want, then Magento’s customisable nature gives us the flexibility to incorporate bespoke solutions. And should you require changes to your ecommerce site sometime after it’s finished, Magento’s scalability means it’s easy to add new features or to increase the size of your website further down the line.

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Integrations & Infrastructure

Resource hungry ecommerce websites have very different demands to standard websites. But we’ve got you covered.

Firstly, we make sure that you’re set up with the secure integrations that are essential for ecommerce sites - booking systems and payment gateways such as Sage Pay and PayPal. We can also include powerful out of the box features for contacting clients, discounts, managing products, generating custom invoices and more. And all of this is supported by a powerful infrastructure, meaning you have all the power you need and maximum uptime. And, by tailoring your server environments to your ecommerce platform and any integrations you may have, your site is always lightning fast. A fast site is more likely to retain users - no one likes waiting for pages to load or payments to go through.

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This is our chance to show off the work that makes us proud and our customers happy. We can talk about how great we are until the cows come home, but sometimes you simply have to see for yourself. So take a peek at our portfolio and see the range of projects we work on and the diversity of the clients we work with. We hope you’ll be as impressed with the bespoke, custom-built nature and the exceedingly high standards of our work as we think you should be. It’s pretty special stuff.

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    At Pixel Labs, creating new and exciting things is what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us working late into the night. The enthusiasm, experience and talent we invest into our projects is unrivalled. Want to see it for yourself? You’ll find us working our magic in our studio in the heart of Leicester. Come on up and have a chat. The kettle’s already on.

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